Better Websites to Grow your Business with Firebase

  • Harness the unified back-end mobile app development service
  • Automatic scalability, as it’s built on Google’s infrastructure
  • A robust and dynamic framework to build apps

Firebase Development Expert

DB-SOFT is a development company that focuses on technologies. With a team of web and app developers, we craft applications that are designed with utmost precision and magnificence. When starting a new project, a company needs to weigh the features and capabilities of a given back-end platform to determine if it has the talent to support the project. If the capabilities of a framework or back-end satisfy the requirements of the project, then it’s a potential match for the project. Google Firebase will more or less meet all the requirements.

Some Firebase Features

Easy App Integration
With Firebase, it’s easy to integrate between cross-platform apps i.e., on Android, iOS and Web.
Helps you earn more
Firebase App Indexing helps your app rank in Google search and also re-engages app users to find both public and personal content on their devices more quickly.
Built on Google
Firebase is built on Google and can be scaled automatically, even for larger apps.
Easy Data Management
Easily manage notifications, showcase relevant in-app content and automatically link Google Adwords to the user segments in analytics.
Firebase Storage
This storage feature is used for security and scaling purposes
Cloud Firestore
This is a scalable and flexible database to store and sync data on a global scale for mobile or web app development.

Hire us as your Firebase Developer for Mobile and Web Apps

DB-SOFT has many years of experience in developing custom web applications, dynamic websites and user-specific applications using Google Firebase.

We have been in the software industry for many years and have a proven track record of creating robust products. With Firebase, being the latest frontier that’s simplifying product solutions, we have already proven our worth to clients across all sectors. We are the answer to your Google Firebase needs.

Our teams of Firebase professionals are technologically skilled and boast of immense knowledge in Google Technologies.

This has been made possible by delivering quality products on many Firebase projects for our clients in different parts of the world. Whether you want to implement a messaging component in your mobile app or create a social network, DB-SOFT bvba can help you spear-head your project in the right direction.

Contact us today for a custom-built Firebase product.

Our Core Development Services

Backend Development

Backend Development

.NET Core web development, introduced by Microsoft, has evolved from being a web development platform to a whole tool that equips .NET Core developers to create leading-edge mobile and web.

Web Development

Web Development

Our passion to design and produce the application that’s visually rich with an intelligent specified approach for devising websites ensures that the best idea of applications is conveyed.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Mobile devices have become essential in our daily life. It is difficult to recollect the days before mobile phones. It’s hard to imagine how we communicated before mobile.

Development Company

Google's Firebase platform is a powerful tool that is available to app creators. As a proven Google developer agency and part of the Firebase program, we specialize in leveraging all Firebase has to offer for your app. We make use of Firebase as one of our backends of choice for web and native apps. Since joining Google, Firebase now offers the benefits of a backend as a service with the scalability of Google's infrastructure.

DB-SOFT is an established leader in Firebase development. We can help you navigate Firebase, whether to use Cloud Firestore, Realtime Database or both. To speed development, we use Firebase for features such as user authentication, real-time updates, static hosting, and much more. Whether you want to implement a messaging component in an app or create a whole on-demand platform, we know the strengths and limitations of the system.

With recent changes, almost any app that wants to use analytics from Google has to integrate Firebase. Our years of experience using firebase will ensure you properly implement Google analytics, dynamic links for attribution, app indexing or cloud messaging.

Why Choose Us?

  • Predictable Process and Innovative Results: DB-SOFT bvba has a detailed process—outlined in our thousands of hours solving complex design and technology challenges to ensure your success.
  • Unparalleled Transparency To facilitate us operating as a single team, you will get access to our whole suite of tools. Each idea, code commit, or design concept is put into a shared space.
  • Experienced, Onshore Talent We hire the most experienced talent. That means you won't be paying for people to learn on the job or sacrificing quality by using cheap labor.

Latest projects

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Varo nv

Project Techstack

  • .Net Core / Razor
  • Identity Core
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure backend
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Powerplus Tips

Powerplus Tips

Project Techstack

  • Storyblok CMS
  • NodeJs
  • VueJs / Nuxt
  • Firebase Backend
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